Last year, Rich Wilkerson Jr. was thrust into the limelight after he officiated the wedding of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.  Still, Rich shuns the label of "celebrity pastor".  He says he wants to be known as a lover of Jesus and a builder of the local church.  He explains more in his new book "Sandcastle Kings".

You can also watch the second part of Rich's interview here.

Brian Ivie came across a story and knew he had to make a documentary about it.  That story featured a South Korean pastor, abandoned babies, and something called a "Dropbox".  So with a camera in tow, Brian packed his bags and went halfway around the world...

700 Club Interactive spoke with Brian earlier this year; for that interview, go here:

At age 13, a family friend sexually abused Hebert Cooper.  Even as a full-time evangelist and then the pastor of People’s Church in Oklahoma, He still had only shared the incident with his wife.  On his path to healing, Hebert opened up to a small group, to his congregation and then in a book tilted “But God”.  Herbert shares his journey and the steps it took to reach complete healing and forgive his abuser.