Ten years ago, Ashley Smith (watch her story here) was held hostage by Brian Nichols, an accused rapist.  Hours earlier, Nichols escaped an Atlanta courtroom by murdering four people, including a sitting judge.  What happened next is a story that will be played out in theaters across the country beginning today.  Efrem Graham sat down with the man playing Nichols, award-winning actor David Oyelowo.

Saeed Abedini just celebrated his 35th birthday -- another one away from his wife and children.  He remains inside Iran's prison on trumped up charges.  His real crime -- being a Christian.  He's beed tortured and beaten for his faith.  President Obama told his wife, Naghmeh, that securing Saeed's release was a "top priority" -- but he erfused to make his release a stipulation while negotiating with the Iranians. 

The American Center for Law and Justice has been on this case since day one.  Go show your support to #savesaeed.