American missionary Kenneth Bae was convicted and sentenced to 15-years of hard labor in a North Korean work camp.  Facing physcial and psychological torture he became the longest-held American prisoner in North Korea since the Korean War. Instead of focusing on his plight, hear how Kenneth surrendered his desire of freedom to God for the sake of the people of North Korea.  God needs your prayers for the people of the world who are trapped in darkness.

As a young girl,Christine was abused.  Having no personal relationship with Jesus Christ, she grew up thinking God was a bad guy in the sky with a big stick.  Her life changed at 22 and she had a revelation of God's love for her.  With her 33rd birthday around the corner, a bombshell was dropped in her life. 

Andy Mineo found himself on a Billboard list rarely visited by Christian hip-hop artists.  He sat at #38 on the "Top Artist 100" list... Plus, his album "Uncomfortable" landed on number 10 on the overall charts, AND number three for rap albums, AND number one among Christian albums.

He's known for connecting with fans -- and he says that sometimes "being uncomfortable" is exactly where you need to be.

Brian Ivie came across a story and knew he had to make a documentary about it.  That story featured a South Korean pastor, abandoned babies, and something called a "Dropbox".  So with a camera in tow, Brian packed his bags and went halfway around the world...

700 Club Interactive spoke with Brian earlier this year; for that interview, go here: