Are you weary? Burned out from life, problems, disappointments and hurts? You are not alone. Everyone experiences what the Bible calls being "heavy laden." The good news is that Jesus gives us rest. Even when the storms of life continue to rage, there is peace in Him- a peace that is not dependent on circumstances. Today and everyday we pray that you are able to enter His rest for your heart, mind, spirit and body. If as you read this, your day is unsettled, you feel like finding that peace is a far stretch for you-try taking a moment to ask God to help you relax, ask Him to help you turn from anxiety, depression, or worries of your daily life.  His goal is not to see how much we can handle on our own, that would be works.  God's desire is that we would lean on Jesus as His beloved John did, breath deeply and let Him "sweep away the darkenss, burn away the chaff and let a love burn that glorifies Your Name." He is glorified and we receive peace!