Victorya says, “I was brought up to feel like we were not important, the family wasn’t important, the wife wasn’t important, the children were not important.”  Then one night, she stumbled upon The 700 Club.  Gordon Robertson was talking about Jesus and asked viewers to pray.  Victorya joined in and asked Christ to come into her life. “I found everything I was looking for in that moment.  He was everything I was looking for.  He was everything that was missing.” 

Eddie Balmarex a drug addict for over 30  years became a Christian but had a liver disease and Hepatitis C.  A CBN prayer counselor told him, ...‘Look, Jesus didn't come to this world to save you and then to kill you from hepatitis or whatever disease you've got.  We're going to pray for it.’ She prayed for me and again, I felt the peace.  I felt like God said, ‘Don't worry about it.’ I was already claiming victory.”    Do you need a boost in trusting God for healing, this video is for you!