As a young girl,Christine was abused.  Having no personal relationship with Jesus Christ, she grew up thinking God was a bad guy in the sky with a big stick.  Her life changed at 22 and she had a revelation of God's love for her.  With her 33rd birthday around the corner, a bombshell was dropped in her life. 

  In the 25 years that "Open Doors International" has monitored persecution it is reported the problem has reached "unprecedented levels."   Could we in the United States be next?  What can we do to stop the atrocities? Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice joined the 700 Club Interactive to talk about the current situation in the Middle East for Christians.

Esther Fleece learned from a young age to keep secrets and fake her feelings.  Watch as she shares how facing her past and ending all her pretending brought a new found freedom in life.  Do you have similar struggles?  Remember, Jesus loves and cares for you just as much as Esther and will be with you as you pursue your personal freedom!

Wendy learned her husband had been arrested for the rape and molestation of her daughter, Emily, for the past six years. Wendy was completely unaware the abuse was going on in her home and in a moment her entire life was swept away. “This man’s evil acts, his lies, and all the deceit he represented had destroyed Emily’s childhood and every good thing he had ever meant to me,”  May faith arise and bring hope to your every situation as you hear Wendy share the path to recovery and becoming "unbroken."