Finding wise counsel is a command from the Lord & He promises to give us victory, peace, safety when we seek His will & find people to give us wise advice based on His word. In a world that idolizes the heroic 'loner', it can be easy to try to do everything on your own. But Scripture shows us how crucial it is that we rely on the Lord & the people surrounding us who follow Him. We were created for community. If there is no one in your life who you can trust to give you good counsel, seek out your local pastor or an elder in the church. With age, comes wisdom.

Have you ever tried to run in the sand? For professional runners, sand running is one of the most revered workouts, because it is ridiculously difficult to run a race while sinking into the ground! Sometimes, life can feel that way. Maybe for you it feels like every step leads to more and more discouragement, making it feel painful or impossible to make any progress.

Lord, we pray that You open our eyes. Give us a vision for the future You are creating, give us a deeper understanding of Your heart. Let our lives be living reflections of Your love. Give us eyes to see the hurting and hopeless around us and the courage to step out in faith and be Your hands and feet here. Show us how to love. Show us how to live. Show us how to be like You. Give us the strength to follow Your call, even when it's difficult, even when it's mundane. Let us live for You in the everyday details of our lives.

As believers, we live in an inside out, upside down Kingdom, where our pride becomes weakness and our weakness becomes strength. Pride is sneaky. It hides in the deepest corners of insecurity we abandon and pretend do not exist, yet still impacts our every deed and word. Sometimes pride can even masquerade as certainty and strength, making us feel like we have control when we struggle with fear.   Be that as it may, in our areas of pride and insecurity, the Holy Spirit is always willing and ready to help us overcome.

Whatever you do for one of the least of these, you do for Me - Jesus. Part of the miracle of Christianity is the fact that whatever we do for the lonely, the lowly, the forgotten, we do for our Savior. For decades people have asked, "What would Jesus do?" But an even better question to ask yourself is, "What would I do if this person was Jesus?" Jesus. Jesus who loves you. Jesus who knows you. Jesus who died for you. Since before He even thought about creating the world, He thought about you. He’s loved you since before time was even conceived. He has loved you since forever.

Often times, devoting yourself to love sounds like a tall order. How can any human truly operate within the realm of love at every moment in each situation? Trying to attain this goal on your own strength will result in frustration, but when you rest in the love of God, walking in love becomes a natural reaction to His Presence. Today, instead of emphasizing how hard you must work to be "perfect", simply ask the Lord to reveal HIS love to you. When you are exposed to that level of affection, His heart becomes contagious and you will become more and more like Him each day.

Do you ever feel unseen, unheard, and unknown? People in our lives often do things that make us feel worthless and unseen. Be it name calling, bullying, or just the lack of attention given by those around us, we have all felt that way before. But because of Jesus's blood, we don't have to stay there, wallowing in despair. Friend, the Father sees you today, and He knows your heart inside and out. When He sees you, He sees the righteousness of Jesus Himself and He calls you beautiful. You have never gone unseen and will always be known deeply by the One who created you.

"The Lord is by your side wherever you go." (Joshua 1:9)

That is a powerful message that is sometimes hard to grasp, especially if you have been left by someone you love. Be it divorce, emotional neglect, or the betrayal of a friend, it is difficult to go through life without experiencing some form of abandonment.

Have you ever felt like you just keep letting God down over and over? Maybe it is a habitual sin you keep returning to or maybe you feel stuck in a spiritual rut: you are not losing ground but not improving. If that is you, God has good news for you today. He is never giving up on your success. God's love is far more patient than any human love we could ever encounter. Even if people in your life have left you and given up on your progress, God will never give up on you.