By Ellery Sadler 

America was built on prayer.

John Adams said, "The general principles on which the Fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity." The men and women who founded our nation sacrificied their sacred honor, their fortunes, and their families in order to give us a heritage of liberty. It's easy to look back on them as heroes, but in the moment they were ordinary people serving God to the best of their ability. They didn't know what the outcome would be, they simply stuck to their principles and stayed faithful to the call. They entrusted us with a republic, founded on Christian principles, to pass on to our children. They gave us a future to look forward to - a future that now seems a bit shaky. As we pause to celebrate America's birthday and the freedoms we enjoy, many people are concerned about the future of our country. 

While we gather with friends and family to watch fireworks and celebrate freedom, let's also take a moment to pause and pray. We know that the future is in God’s hands.

“If My people, who are called by My name, will seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear them from heaven and forgive them and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

Here are three ways you can pray for our nation today.

1. Pray for Our Leadership

Pause to pray for the men and women who make our laws, who represent us in Washington, who protect us on the frontlines, who patrol our city streets. Pray for God to give them wisdom and insight and faithfulness. Ask God to open their hearts and minds to His word and His truth. Pray that they seek God first and stay true to their principles. Pray for their families: the spouses left to raise kids alone for months at a time, the kids watching their dads trying to do the right thing and vote their conscience, the husbands watching their wives put on their blue uniform for another shift, praying they make it home safely. Pray for God’s wisdom and protection to cover the men and women who lead us.

2. Pray for Our Families

Families are the foundation of our society. Take a minute to pray for God’s blessing and provision and guidance for families in America. We pray that God gives parents wisdom as they raise their children, that they are diligent to raise them in the way of the Lord and show them unconditional love. We pray for fathers to lead their families with the love and self-sacrifice and courage of Christ. We pray for wives to love their husband and children and lead them in the ways of the Lord. We pray for children to love their siblings and parents, and for God to raise up a new generation that seeks to honor Him. We pray for protection around each family and God’s spirit of joy and peace to be with them.

3. Pray for the Church

The church is a beautiful mosaic of broken people serving a loving and holy God. Take a few minutes today to pray for the church, for the pastors preaching and the elders leading and the people serving. Pray for humility and wisdom and strength for those in leadership in the church, that God would give them special protection. Pray for faithfulness in the marriages in the church, that God would bless and cover them with His grace. Pray for those serving behind the scenes that they would not feel overlooked or undervalued, but would find their joy in serving God. Pray for the congregation, that deep, fruitful community would grow. Pray for the missions and ministries of the church, that we would be affective in reaching people with the good news of Jesus Christ. Pray for the churches in America to point people to Jesus. 

Hold on to hope - God is still God and He is moving in mighty ways. How are you praying for America? Comment below!